FRE Collaborative is an LGBT+ owned company focused on Love & Empowerment by showcasing our community to ourselves, allies, friends and supporters. Through our designs, we translate personal and universal messages that convey a sense of pride, FREdom and social awareness. We proudly offer a visual voice to those who can’t yet speak it and confidence to those who can.

Whether you choose garments from any of our many collections such as the ‘Handsome Classic’ collection, the ‘Black Lives Matter’collection, our seasonal/limited collections, or any of our other products, our designs will be tastefully big & bold. Each design is purposefully created with a strong visual LGBT+ message which supports our cause and glorifies this lifestyle.


'FRE COLLABORATIVE' will encompass MsHandsome, MrHandsome, MXHandsome and TransHandsome apparel, Black Lives Matter apparel, FRE COLLABORATIVE apparel & limited runs of any other specialty or seasonal collections and products offered.

Additionally, 'FRE COLLABORATIVE ' will produce, sponsor and hosts events primarily but not limited or related to the LGBT+ space.

Our mission statement & purpose is to consistently provide a positive & supportive visual representation of and for, but not limited to the LGBT+  community.


Wear Your FREdom!

The FRE Collaborative Team

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