Black Trans persons, especially Women are being murdered at an alarming rate. 

34 lives taken as of Oct 2020.

*Minimal media coverage.

*Minimal newspaper articles.

*Minimal major or minor newscast stories.

It’s almost as if these humans’ lives aren't or weren’t worthy of public sympathy or acknowledgment.

So many human lives are now missed and, for the most part, only the Trans & LGBT+ community are aware of it.

All human lives, including Black Trans lives matter.

We wanted to bring a visual representation to this subject matter. Sometimes we see the effects of something, it touches our emotions and  becomes very real. that's when awareness turns into action.

This is real. This is happening. This is now.

You can spread visual awareness and help support by purchasing and wearing our ‘TRANS BLACK LIVES MATTER’ tee.  

Just  click the box above to get started.

A portion of proceeds from each purchase to benefit the Trans Community.

Wear Your FREdom!



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